Oh, here she comes!

Hi Guys!

Finally, we had some time with Garu today!
The last few days we had to realize that with too much of a “plan” one quickly overlooks the time necessary to get a good connection. You may try to speed things up or get them NOW when there is no fundament to built on yet.

Today we had the 5th cat walk including a car drive (back and forth). Last time we had to sit in the car for an hour waiting for the little cat. It was such a busy day, always people walking by. We made clowns of ourselves calling her again and again. Everyone thinks we are craaazy! Miiiiieeeeeezzz Miiiieeeezzz GAruuUU
But at some point she will come. Or can be persuaded with a lot of heart to overcome her fear. Brave heart!

And again she is glooming happily! With the utmost curiosity she explores all the scents of the forest. She runs und bounces after Jala and creates her own exercise. Left and right, always up a tree and back down, next tree, next tree … closely following the old lady.

Only strangers are not ‘her thing’ yet.
Today we walked through a quite huge forestry area, very lonely, seldom people or streets. It was amazing to peacefully enjoy all of our time together and be close in a comfortable way. Growth time for our grounding.

Greetings from here to there!
Lisa, Tom, Jala and Garu

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