Lisa Spitzer Take One

Today we’ve been with Lisa Spitzer at her farm in Styria. And Tom started his camera training 😉

About: Lisa Spitzer is a horse person with many years of experience. She studied, among other things, with Maksida Vogt. Lisa does not profit of the horse as an entertainment object for human pleasure anymore. Instead, she provides them with the widest framework possible to achieve a healthy and healing self-determinated life. Definately, details follow throughout this blog and the movie! Or can be researched online, better yet: experienced live!

From the beginning our conversation felt easy going and free. Promptly we came up with a difficult question: How could the feedback of those who feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar ideas and novel ways of dealing with animals look? To what extent should or shouldn’t we accommodate those?

Note Lisa: If you go public you agree to a certain responsibility to deal with emerging issues. How far do we see ourselves responsible for our cinematic statements? More about this in a seperate post.

But not only interesting questions arose from our visit. Also some cheeky nose came to the fore!

Lisa is a wonderful narrator. She made us especially happy with her personal story, in which she described her handling of horses and its continuous developement. Until finally, she distanced herself more and more from actual riding.

On her farm, the horses enjoy several hectares of permanently available grazing land. In addition, there is a permanent access to roughage and various minerals in order to provide them with a healthy diet, which they choose best by themselves supportet by appropriate offers.

Their horses are no longer ridden, so in a conventional sense they are of “no use” to people anymore. Lisa talked about how she plays with them and reacts to their offers of interaction. Hopefully, we will hear more about it! For sure, horses life has the greatest value for its own here.

After that, the conversation in the pasture quickly went in the direction of co-self-empowerment. Meaning, how to empower each other living with horses.
A curious listener she is, Lisa’s mare quickly joined us for that piece of conversation.

We only took pitcures this time. Looking back: It’s a pity! Because there was this moment we would have loved to capture on tape. Lisa openly shared valuable insights about herself in dealing with horses …

Thanks, Lisa! See you soon.

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