The Cognitive Horse

Ever wondered about the work of scientists in the field of empowerment?

A very interesting book of a zooanthropologist working with horses
“The Cognitive Horse”.
Soon available (2. edition) called    “Equus Lost?”

Take a look at their website and organization Learning Animals.

My Review of this book is coming soon. As this is going to be the MUST READ when engaging into the topic of empowerment in horses for the first time – you can read it anyway!
Be aware, this is going to be a bit more sophisticated. The book offers you who had been trained to become a good rider to re-connect to the horse and yourself. You may will change your perspective of what a horse has become in our world and what you want it to be.

Enjoy! And take a step into a shared live : )


PS: Find a short text of Francesco about the spontanious horse (German) here.

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